As a mentor, Fiona takes a holistic approach to your business development by reviewing your professional, creative & personal aspirations, developing a strategy and a plan to move you and your business forward. She is able to combine her knowledge from over 25 years experience of the fashion, textile and retail industry with her coaching skills to develop sessions which are bespoke to the needs of the individual/creative business.

She understands the needs of a small business and has expertise across clothing, accessories, lifestyle products and fashion jewellery.

My mentoring services are for those looking to review their professional, creative & personal aspirations, helping them to develop a strategy and a plan to move themselves and their business forward”


Fiona’s mentoring approach is both supportive and challenging. She’s highly responsive to the evolving needs of my business, and tailors her advice and strategies to suit my individual needs as a practitioner. Throughout the mentoring process, her emphasis has consistently been on what is best suited for me and the business I want to build.
Fiona’s guidance has been vital to the growth of my business, and to my confidence in building my business.
Fiona’s approach is perfectly suited to the needs of creative thinkers: clear, innovative, relevant and focused, and her understanding of the specific needs of creative businesses and practitioners is outstanding.

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Creative Business Mentoring

Fiona offers bespoke 1-2-1 mentoring sessions to start-up and new fashion / craft / design businesses looking to fast track their business development, clarify their priorities and develop a sustainable strategy for growth, which keeps them. motivated and focussed.

Sessions might typically include:

  • Goal Setting: Prioritising your goals over an agreed time frame

  • Lifestyle Aspirations: Identifying your ideal work/ life balance

  • Audience Analysis: Identifying and analysing the audience /customer for your work

  • Market Trends: Identifying key market & consumer trends which could influence your market

  • Digital Marketing: Reviewing how to raise your profile through press and digital marketing

  • Product Development: Identifying gaps in your product offer and opportunities for new product development

  • Costing & Pricing: Reviewing your costing & pricing relevant to your product /service

  • Service Development: Identifying services which could complement your product offer and provide additional income streams


Mentoring Menu

Discovery Session:

A one-off session offering a 90 minute review of where you are with your creative business. It is a perfect opportunity to map where you and your business are, including analysis of strengths and weaknesses, setting realistic goals and identifying potential opportunities for your business going forward.

  • Sessions take place over the phone or via Skype

Block of 4 Sessions:

  • A block of 4 sessions which can follow a Discovery session or be taken on their own.

  • Four 60-minute coaching sessions, every two or four weeks

  • Sessions take place over the phone or via Skype

Top-up Sessions:

  • Single coaching sessions following completion of a Discovery Session or a Block of 4 sessions

  • An opportunity to review your goals, the direction of your business and discuss any issues or challenges

  • One 90 minute session, over the phone or via Skype


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